Seasonal Film Seminar

The Seasonal Film Seminar was first organized on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2018 in Makeni City, the headquarters of the Northern Region of Sierra Leone.

It is a capacity-building platform for filmmakers. We enhance filmmakers especially the young with the skills that help them see it and run the art of filmmaking as their careers and business that their lives depend on.

We are on the mission of making filmmakers better businesspeople that could contribute to the job market, standardization of local content and tourism.


Empowering filmmakers, helping them thrive through the challenges of filmmaking as careers and business.


Our objectives are:

  • To build the capacity of filmmakers, especially the young.
  • To support filmmakers with tools that can help them navigate the odds.
  • To enable better filmmaking in Sierra Leone.

Facilitator’s Guide

  • No matter how small you see the topic, research.
  • Put ideas together, and get a draft
  • Practice delivering your session
  • Read ahead and master your session
  • Check the agenda ahead so you cannot forget the time of your session
  • Start your session with a story, or joke related to your session
  • During your session, do all you can to stay within the frame of the camera
  • Ask for feedback from the organizers and fellow facilitators after the session.

Our Expectations from Facilitators

Our facilitators are the best members of our Seasonal Seminar Team. Therefore, we do our best to communicate earlier what we expect of you as a facilitator.

As a development communication, marketing, branding and film production company we are open to conversations and one of our expectations is for you as a facilitator to be open-minded and communicate with us whatever challenge you are going through as earlier so that we can provide the best support possible.

We are keen to see that you deliver very well as a professional. Therefore, we expect you

  1. To put together a slide of your presentation in time and send it to us in time via so that we can best support you as we can.
  2. To communicate to us what you can do, and what you cannot afford to do in time so that we can find the best possible option available.
  3. To be very clear and concise in passing your message to the participants
  4. To read ahead and master your session

Expectations from Creative Pictures Ltd

This is the first ever professional film seminar to be organized by Creative Pictures Ltd and sponsored by imageSALONE and Salone Arts and Performing Arts Competitions.

Sessions and Facilitators

1.Acting skills Basic skills needed in action for the screen Character depiction Public Speaking Hassan Foreh Kamara
2.Personal Branding & Social MediaAlhaji Barry Blaq & Fayia Foray
3.The Business Aspect of Filmmaking, Video Business Plan Schedules and plans Fayia Foray
4.Leadership in filmmaking (The Roles of Various Film Crew and Executives)Iscandri A. Sankoh
5.Basic Screenwriting skills (Story structure style)Lloyd Zacky Sesay
6.Story structure, film and documentary directing skillsMohamed Conteh (Special C.)
Activity Timeline

Cost: Le 150

Date: Oct 7th & 8th 2022

Venue: Makeni City Hall

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