Creative Pictures Ltd Our Services Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

Our seminars and training services are meant to build the capacity of professionals in the agreed area as required within the stipulated timeframe.

We research, put ideas together and deliver client-centred training or seminars that enable you to undertake and deliver on all you learn from our team.

Digital marketing training services

We build the capacity of your team to handle all in-house digital marketing through our training services. We offer the skills that help you tell the story of your business.

Capacity building in strategy or plan development  

We train clients on how to develop communication and marketing tools for their events and businesses. We offer training as:

Digital marketing planning

Your digital marketing can only strive and stand out when you apply the right tools that enable you to target the right clientele. Planning enables you to determine the direction and features of your digital marketing approach. We can enable your team with all the skills and capacity needed.

Communication planning

A business can better be communicated to potential clients with a very good communication plan. We can develop a communication plan that suits the needs of your business and to the understanding of your team.

Case study development:

We provide you with the skills that can help you to develop a case study that tells the story of your impact.

Report writing:

You may not know but your activity report tells the worth of the experience. We can provide you with the skills that can enable you to write yours.

Email Marketing

The emails you write can help you sell the profile of your business. We can build your team’s capacity and provide them with the skills that can enable them to target potential clients that can turn into web visitors and buying clients.


We have very experienced team members in blogging. We can train your team to develop blog posts that sell out your brand and contribute to lead generation.

Content Marketing:

Creating the right content about your business can attract potential customers to your business. We have an experienced team that can offer capacity building to any team and enable them to execute their content creation very well.