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Social Media Makes or Breaks

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Social media is one of the best things that has contributed to promoting brands, small businesses, and the transfer of cultures from one country to another. It also helps public figures, professionals and celebrities to interact directly with their fans.

In this article, I will discuss how social media can make or break whether a business, public figure, professional or celebrity.

Media In Today’s World

Social media has disrupted the traditional media landscape so much that any media house or business that fails to follow the trend can fail woefully. Most people have gone out of business or are losing it simply because they lack the skills or they are failing to accept the usage of social media for business growth.

Today’s world is changing so much that we have new social media platforms being launched almost every year, that even professional digital marketers struggle to keep up with all the platforms, but results in focusing on some.

However, once you limit yourself to certain platforms, you lose some other business opportunities or customers using the platforms you don’t utilise.  Limiting yourself to some also gives you the leverage to master the ones you use.

Social media can make or break brands

Nowadays, the fastest and most cost-effective way for businesses to create brand awareness is through social media. With social media, businesses can let the word about their brands to the public consistently at ease.

However, brands can also fall through negative social media reviews, comments or feedback. This is so because most customers before buying a product or paying for a service, go through the reviews or comments by previous customers who share their experiences.

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Social media also gives an opportunity to businesses to learn from their customers directly through feedback, reviews, and comments without even conducting market research.

However, a simple mistake by a brand may cause a business entity dearly. An example can be when a single customer buys a badly packeted product or is being treated badly by service providers, and ends up taking the issue to social media simply because he or she has no way to channel her complaint or makes use of social media platform as a means of channelling their complaint. That customer’s single post can lead to some big mess that will take time to clear.

Social media can make or break celebrities

So many people have become celebrities because they managed to gain popularity overnight through the followership they garner via social media. Aspiring young stars and creatives who manage to share their craft or talent with the world end up making money, gaining followership and brand ambassadorship.

We have also seen where social media have broken a lot of celebrities through scandalous posts by their rivals, partners, relatives, or some media outlets. Some celebrities have fallen because of the simple mistakes they have made by posting some comments that do not appeal to society, the law, or their fan base.

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Celebrities are supposed to work with professionals to handle their social media so that they get the best guidance they need and have control over it.

However, those who can handle it by themselves need to get some sort of training or read some ‘’how to’’ blogs so that they can be well informed in handling especially the pressure that comes with it. To some degree, social media leads to a loser system for any celebrity who fails to follow the procedures of their management. For this reason, it is good for a celebrity to have a professional in the field that you can consult if not very often but at intervals.

Social media can make or break public figures and professionals

Public figures and professionals can sell their ideology or brand very fast through social media. These classes of people should use social media mainly to offer their take on issues of interest, social issues, branding, and marketing purposes respectively.

Public figures can use social media to express themselves or propagate their ideologies while professionals use social media to market their profession. However, a simple mistake from anyone from these categories may lead to a break that will be very hard to get over for a while.

Use Social Media Positively?

Whether a brand, public figure, celebrity or professional, you must use social media positively because whatever negative thing you post can go a long way. Note that search engines let people see all you post once your name or some name similar to yours is being searched.

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