How We Work

As a service based entity, we work with well experienced professional freelancers as sub-contractors.

This means that we are a company that provides various services to our clients, such as communication, media, marketing, and public relations. We do not have a fixed or permanent staff of employees, but rather we hire independent contractors who are freelancers with relevant skills and experience. Freelancers are self-employed professionals who work on specific projects or tasks for different clients. They are not bound by any employment contract or agreement, and they have the freedom to choose their own work hours, rates, and methods. Sub-contractors are contractors who are hired by another contractor to perform part of the work that the main contractor has agreed to do for a client. They are responsible for delivering the work according to the specifications and deadlines set by the main contractor. They are paid by the main contractor, not by the client directly.

By working with well experienced professional freelancers as sub-contractors, we can benefit from several advantages, such as:

  • We can access a large pool of talent and expertise from different fields and backgrounds across Sierra Leone.
  • We can reduce our operational costs and overheads, such as salaries, benefits, taxes, office space, and equipment.
  • We can increase our flexibility and scalability, as we can adjust our workforce according to the demand and scope of each project.
  • We can improve our quality and efficiency, as we can select the best freelancers for each task and monitor their performance and output.
  • We can enhance our customer satisfaction and loyalty, as we can deliver customized and high-quality services that meet or exceed their expectations.