Trainings Services


  • Community Engagement
  • Community Mobilization.
  • Community Conversations.
  • Media Engagement
  • Case Study Writing
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Marketing
Tourist taking photo of a building

Community Engagement: One of the training services offered is in the field of community engagement. This could involve teaching techniques and strategies for organizations to connect with and involve communities effectively.

Community Mobilization: This implies training in mobilizing communities, which often involves encouraging and facilitating community members to participate in various activities or initiatives.

Writing Case Studies: Creative Pictures Ltd provides training in the skill of writing case studies. This is likely to help individuals or organizations effectively document and present real-life examples of their work or achievements.

Behaviour Change Communication: The entity offers training in behaviour change communication. This suggests a focus on teaching effective methods to influence and modify behaviours through communication strategies.

Digital Marketing: Training services include digital marketing, indicating that Creative Pictures Ltd educates on leveraging online platforms and technologies for marketing purposes.

In summary, Creative Pictures Ltd is a marketing and communications-focused entity that distinguishes itself by not only providing traditional services but also offering training programs in various aspects of community engagement, mobilization, case study writing, behaviour change communication, and digital marketing. This suggests a comprehensive approach to both executing marketing activities and empowering others with the skills and knowledge to do so.