Our Team

The creative Pictures Ltd team consist of young ambitious and well determined young leaders

Fayia Foray

Board Chairman and Marketer

Email: fayiaforay@creativepictures.net

Fayia Foray is the board chairman but also serves as a digital marketer for Creative Pictures Ltd. He has over 13 years of working experience with an international non-governmental organization as a marketer, and he currently handles the digital media and marketing wing for MSI Reproductive Choices (Marie Stopes Sierra Leone) country program in Sierra Leone. Even though I cover another aspect of marketing.

He is the first-generation elite and the only formerly educated person in his family of seven children. He was able to rise up to this level by sponsoring himself through senior secondary school and college.

In 2012, he formed a film production group while he was a diploma student at the Northern Polytechnique. He was able to gain film production experience by directing about three film projects which did not come out well but helped him gain a lot of experience in the craft. In 2018, he legally registered Creative Pictures Ltd as a digital media company.

In 2020, he self-learned how to design a website through YouTube and has been able to design https://www.creativepictures.net, https://imagesalone.com, https://ardevconsulting.com and  https://wodyeo.org for a local non-governmental organization owned by persons with disabilities that focus on empowering women and girls with disabilities across Sierra Leone.

In the same 2020, he created the imageSALONW blog which he uses to freely promote professional Sierra Leonean Filmmakers at home and abroad and film-related issues in Sierra Leone. Fayia has been able to write several blogs and promoted several film-related events through the blog site and WhatsApp other social media platforms.