Our Team


Fayia Foray


A professional creative with several years of experience in development communication, social and behaviour change communication, community engagement, and marketing communication of especially healthcare services.


Ibrahim Saha Kamara

Digital Media and Creative Associate

Ibrahim is a well-exxperienced creative with foot print in photography, videography, content creation, and graphics design. He has worked with a lot of organizations, and has collaborated with a lot of other professionals in the field. He was able to develop his talent very well through a UNDP funded capacity building program for creatives and has since grown very skillful in the art of creativity.


Jestina Yonkendeh

Admin & Creative Assistant

Jestina holds a diploma in sound engineering and certificates in other areas of studies. She has ganared a wealth of experience over a peried of a decade with communication organizations, radio stations, creative entities.


Joseph Koroma

Communication and Marketing Research Consultant

Joseph joins the team as a part-time consultant researcher with a wealth of experience in the of research.