Who We Are

Creative Pictures Ltd is a company that specializes in creating and delivering digital media, marketing and communications solutions for businesses. The company works with professional freelancers to offer a range of services, such as communications, digital marketing campaigns, social marketing strategies, advertising, public relations, graphics design, branding and brand management. The company is based in the capital city of Freetown, Sierra Leone, but it has the capacity and experience to work with clients across the Western Sahara Region and beyond. The company prides itself on its efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction. The company’s mission is to help businesses achieve their goals and grow their brand awareness by using the best practices

What we do

We offer low cost, high impact inclusive mix digital media and marketing communication solutions that suit the need of start-ups and small businesses. We provide both online and in-person services.

We’re a B2B service based entity, with a specialization in compelling business storytelling, through communications, digital media, marketing, public relations, branding and advertising.

Through our services, we tell the stories of our clients to the right segment of their target group by putting hands on the job, providing the needed tools and capacity required.

We offer development communication services, digital marketing services, digital media services, branding and film production services, etc. We design simple development communication tools, strategies, plans, develop digital assets, create content, digital marketing capacity building services. We harness the power of visual storytelling to ensure better engagement, reach, and impact.

We work with our team and a web of professionals and firms to provide our clients the most needed services that suit their business needs.

Our Vision

Successfully leading the way in the digitalization of businesses in Sierra Leone and sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission Statement

Enabling start-ups and small businesses to reach their prospective clients through various strategies, platforms and forms of storytelling styles.

Our Values

Our values make us as an institution with a difference. So, we therefore would always do all we can to keep up with them to ensure the continuity for what we stand for. Our values shape our image. They are as follow:

  • Team Work: This value reflects our belief in the power of collaboration and diversity. We respect and appreciate each other’s contributions and perspectives. We support and motivate each other to achieve our common vision. We leverage our combined strengths and skills to overcome any obstacle and seize any opportunity. We are more than just a group of individuals; we are a team that can unlock many doors to success.

  • Strong Creativity: This value reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. We encourage and empower our team members to express their creativity and originality in their work. We foster a culture of curiosity and experimentation. We seek new and better ways of doing things. We deliver efficient and effective solutions that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Transparency: This value reflects our honesty and integrity. We are open and clear in our communication and decision-making. We share relevant information and feedback with our stakeholders. We admit our mistakes and learn from them. We do not hide or manipulate the truth for any reason.

  • Authenticity: This value reflects our reliability and credibility. We provide accurate and trustworthy information to our clients and the public. We conduct thorough and objective research before making any claims or recommendations. We uphold high standards of quality and professionalism in our work. We do not compromise on our values or principles for any reason.

  • Hard work: This value reflects our dedication and perseverance. We work hard to achieve our goals and deliver our promises. We do not shy away from challenges or difficulties. We overcome them with determination and resilience. We do not settle for mediocrity or complacency. We strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

  • Accountable and Corrupt Free: This value reflects our responsibility and ethics. We are accountable for our actions and results. We accept constructive criticism and feedback. We take corrective measures when needed. We do not engage in any form of corruption, bribery, fraud, or malpractice. We uphold the law and respect the rights of others. We protect our reputation and brand from any harm.