Creative Pictures Ltd Who We Area

Who We Area

Creative Pictures Ltd is a multimedia company that makes use of cutting-edge modern technology to enhance our clients with the needed services at a very efficient rate. We hold our clients in the highest esteem, and they are central to everything we do. Therefore, we employ the best strategies and approaches to offer the digital marketing solutions businesses yearn to see through storytelling, brand awareness creation, brand identity creation, lead generation and client engagement.

What we do?

As a B2B entity, we specialize in communications and digital marketing. Through our services, we tell the stories of our clients to the right segment of their target group by putting our hands on the job and providing consultancy services, training services, and masterclasses. We offer digital marketing services, digital media services, and film production services; we develop digital assets, create content, digital marketing capacity-building services, we organize seminars. We harness the power of visual storytelling to ensure better impact.

Mission Statement

Leading the West African digital marketing and communication scene by enabling businesses to reach their clients through various forms of storytelling styles and digital media platforms.

Our Values

Our values make us an institution with a difference. So, we therefore would always do all we can to keep up with them and ensure the continuity of what we stand for. Our values shape our image, our identity and our brand. They are:

Strong Creativity: we strive for creativity and therefore give our team members the open space to be creative in their work and deliver efficient service on time.

Transparency: We are open and transparent in our judgment and dealing and will therefore never jeopardize that for any reason so far.

Authenticity: whatever information we make public is well researched and authentic as that is the bedrock of who we are.

Hard work: we believe in hard work, and it tells the root of our humble beginning.

Accountable and Corrupt Free: we pride ourselves as anti-corruption crusaders and distance ourselves from bribery, fraud, and any form of corrupt practices as our brand counts.

Where we are?

We are based in Sierra Leone but operate within the Western Sahara Region and virtually undertake global contracts.

Our Story

Creative Pictures Ltd started as a film production group and it has grown today into a digital marketing and film production company that operates within Sierra Leone and across the shores.

Our founder, Fayia Foray has always been very creative from childhood, and he grew with the person and skills to undertake creative writing. In 2011, he acted in a movie titled, Dagadi, a movie directed then by Dr Julius Spencer.

In 2012 he wrote his first armature movie script and took it to a friend for advice. During their discussions, the friend urged him to put together a film group for him to realize his dream by bringing to live his script as he wanted. The group was born on the 13th of February 2012.

Within a few years, the team managed to undertake film projects like, Beautiful Ghost, House of Pregnancy, You Must Marry Me and Against My Will.

On the 17th of July 2018, the production was registered as a media company with the name Creative Pictures Ltd.

In 2020 we designed our first blogsite ( imageSALONE now serves as a sub-unit that runs on its own and through it, professional Sierra Leone Filmmakers and filmmaking-related activities are being promoted.